In late 2016 Efteling revealed plans to build Symbolica, an indoor family attraction and their ambitious dark ride yet. Christine Karman, Martijn Van Mierloo & Monica Knaapen were hired to help bring this magical Palace to life.

Symbolica is the first of it kind when it comes to interaction. The visitors are invited to rediscover their imagination on an adventure through the magical, hidden rooms of the Palace. A maximum of six people will step into a carriage and then choose one of three different routes. Each route will offer a different adventure with interactive elements through the Palace of Fantasy.

Summer 2017, Symbolica opened the door to the public with a magical ceremony. For our team, one of our most amusing and enjoyable projects was delivered.. But that’s not where the story ends.

To provide visitors a different experience and feeling each time they hop on ride is a very important asset. The theme park world today is only scratching the surface when it comes to adding interaction and engagement to an attraction. The three of us decided to start a new company called Taptosa with one mission: More interaction, more fun.