A dark ride is an indoor amusement ride on which passengers aboard guided vehicles travelling through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music and special effects.. Today, people are surrounded by interactive technology. It is natural that dark rides will benefit from this technology, allowing guests to interact with the vehicle and its surrounding. Efteling was the first, others will certainly follow.

Taptosa provides a set of controllers that supports any type of multimedia and/or interactivity in a vehicle. This includes touch displays, sound systems, LED lighting systems, vehicle control, gaming, moving parts and so on.. By providing a modular system, we maximise our customers choice while reducing complexity.

Boost interaction & user engagement

Equip a vehicle with an infotainment system consisting of touch displays & controllers and puts the visitors in the center by giving them a more personal and a unique experience every time.

Focus on surroundings

The infotainment system acts as a control panel. The content of the system synchronises with the scenery while navigation through the ride. The visitor can control the light setting, sound and even vehicle movements. In a simple case, the visitor uses a button-like interface to move or play with an animatronics in front of them. While a more advanced example would allow every visitor inside the vehicle to cast of vote (left / right) to navigate throughout the attraction.

Focus on in-vehicle experience

In this case a dark ride is equipped with a laser pointer, it might acts as a camera which allow the visitor to shoot pictures. When a picture is made, the tablets display additional content drawing the attention to the vehicle. Instead of collecting points, the visitor collects pictures and is curious about his reward.


When offering an NFC tag or bar code to the system, it can recognise it and act accordingly. In reality, the visitor can scan for example his season badge when boarding the vehicle. The system reads the tag and resumes the state of his last visit. In case of a shooter-like attraction, the returning visitor can start another level which each visit.

Extend the experience

Adding an app to the experience, guests can prepare their visit by utilising the app or playing a game and learn about the ride, unlock features, get excited. After the ride, they stay connected with their ride, wanting to come back to continue the experience.

Who are we?

Taptosa’s team has the expertise and experience to build a fully customised in-vehicle infotainment system that completes every darkride.